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Located in Rochester, MN
Sportsman’s Rack, a store for the average sportsman.


Hunting Supplies We Accept

  • Camouflage, white camo and blaze orange hunting clothing and accessories*
  • Boots/waders
  • Boot blankets
  • Boot hangers/boot dryers
  • Waist packs for hunting/frame packs/backpacks/duffel bags
  • Hunting totes
  • Blind bags/shooting bags
  • Bug suits
  • Black powder guns and accessories
  • Pellet guns 
  • Ammunition (no reloads)
  • Ammo clips and choke tubes
  • Reloading equipment and accessories
  • Gun related accessories/shooting/targets/bullet traps
  • Bipods/tripods/shooting sticks
  • Shooting benches (folding)
  • Clay pigeon launchers
  • Gun cleaning kits and accessories
  • Gun scopes, rings and mounting plates
  • Binoculars/spotting scopes/rangefinders
  • Ammo crates, storage boxes
  • Gun cabinets
  • Gun cases/holsters/ammo belts/slings
  • Dog kennels and covers
  • Dog training tools and accessories
  • Dog vests and chest protectors
  • Dog field blinds
  • Camouflage netting and burlap
  • Ground blinds/layout blinds and accessories
  • Turkey vests
  • Boat blinds 
  • Hunting chairs and seats/swamp stools
  • Decoy retriever hooks/push poles
  • Decoys of all types/decoy bags and string/decoy weights
  • Headlamps
  • Animal calls of all types
  • Bows and arrows*
  • Archery targets of all types
  • Bow cases and slings/bow releases
  • Trail cameras*
  • Safety and survival
  • SD card viewers
  • Ozonics
  • Archery accessories
  • Deer carts and sleds
  • Deer attractants and scent-free formulas
  • Wildlife feeders
  • Scent free bags 
  • Tree stands of all types and accessories
  • Climbing sticks and screw-in tree steps
  • Hunting knives of all types/pocket knives
  • Knife sharpeners/stones and steels
  • Loose sheaths
  • Lead sleds and sighting vises
  • Animal traps of all types/live traps
  • Trapping baskets and accessories

*We make selective purchases on these asterisked items. We do not accept certain items due to low market demand. 
Also, this is not an inclusive list. Call us if you have any questions about items you have that aren’t on this list.
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