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Sportsman’s Rack, a store for the average sportsman.

Other Cool Stuff

Other Cool Stuff We Accept

  • Books (outdoors, wildlife, dogs, sports collectibles)
  • Metal or porcelain signs (gun/ammo/hunting/fishing/boating/pop/beer etc)
  • Wildlife prints*
  • Antique boat motors*
  • Cabin décor
  • Wildlife mounts of all kinds (except waterfowl or protected animals)
  • Tanned hides and furs 
  • Fur hats
  • Antlers (deer, moose, elk, etc)
  • Cast iron
  • Galvanized buckets 
  • Sporting related signage and posters
  • Wildlife carvings and castings
  • Wooden duck/goose decoys
  • Spearing decoys 
  • Sporting collectibles
  • Food processing tools and accessories 
  • Food storage
  • Meat grinders and accessories
  • Meat mixers and accessories
  • Meat slicers and accessories
  • ATV accessories 
  • Turkey/fish fryer LP 
  • Large stock pots
  • Smokers/food storage
  • Metal detecting and prospecting
  • Rock polishing
  • Vintage ammo boxes and wooden ammo crates
  • Military collectibles
  • Outdoor games (horseshoes/bocce ball/bean bags/golf ball toss)
  • Beer related collectibles
  • Neon beer or sports signs/lighted signs
  • Crocks
  • Metal minnow buckets
  • Vintage minnow traps
  • Antique fishing lures and equipment
  • Antique fishing reels
  • Old creels
  • Arrow heads
  • Vintage barn/farm related (block & tackle/buckets/lighting)
  • Old lanterns (kerosene, gas, oil) 
  • Railroad lanterns
  • Vintage knives and tools
  • Man cave items

*We make selective purchases on these asterisked items. We do not accept certain items due to low market demand. 
Also, this is not an inclusive list. Call us if you have any questions about items you have that aren’t on this list.
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